Welcome Letter

You've hit the Jackpot!

Congratulations, investors! We at Scruem, Ova, Agin & Agin are pleased to offer you an exclusive First Option on our latest Luxury Lifestyle Property, Jackpot Gardens! Situated strategically in the piquant oasis of Las Vegas, Jackpot Gardens is the ultimate in desert paradise vacationing. For a very limited time, we are offering Advance Sales of "top-quality" Escape Exchange Units. We have Prime Spots available on the calendar as well as the floor plan, all at unbeatable prices thanks to our Value Advance Pricing Incentive Discount program. But don't hesitate-these fantastic bargains won't last long! Just take a look at what some of our satisfied members have to say:

"It's 114 degrees outside, but the hot tub is only 104! It's like magic!"

"Now I don't have the burden of choosing where to go on vacation!"

"The doors...work great!"

So there you have it: reliable testimony on the wonders of our Escape Exchange. You've always wondered about it, you've probably even dreamed about it. Well, now's your chance. Don't put it off another minute!

Do you like nice things? Tired of seeing Johnny Neighbor get all the goodies? Do you like to treat your friends and loved ones well? Well now you can, for less than you ever thought possible. Your dreams can come true...at Jackpot Gardens!

Please join us for a weekend seminar right here on site, where you can see all of the floor plans and artist renderings of your new home away from home. Let us show you why we love Las Vegas, where the air is dry and sin is just a quick cab ride (or phone call!) away. You'll never want to leave!*

The events begin Friday evening, April 19th, with a welcome reception and presentation. Weekend activities will include a property tour (complete with a full walkthrough of the proposed 36-hole golf course), guest lectures such as Frolicking in the Xeriscape and Decorating with Rocks, and even free strategy lessons for table games like craps, blackjack, and roulette. Believe it when we tell you that a weekend at Jackpot Gardens will be enough to make you scream...for more!


-Bob Scruem, President

*Please note: you must in fact leave when your seminar ends or when you run out of valuables to pawn, whichever comes first.

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