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Who is Behind Jackpot?

Left Reading "Black Lung" Maley and his faithful canary are the sole survivors of the great Coal Mine collapse of '42. When asked how he made it out alive, he said "I didn't exhale?"

David "Half-Pint" Andre was told at age seven that he would die by choking on the last swallow of a beer. He's never finished one since.
Left Jesse "Quick Draw" Dorogusker earned his nickname by gunning down noted outlaw Tony Falconi. Some say he shot too soon, a claim he vehemently denies.

Brent "Whiskey" Holman turned down law school: he never passed a bar in his life. He follows Half-Pint around for the free beer to wash down his shots.
Left Martin "Lucky Bones" Reinfried already has a system: loaded dice. You can always find him enjoying the loosest craps in town.

Linda "Golddigger" Holman is a prospector who spent her youth pannin' for a man, but finally settled on Whiskey. Poor bastard.

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